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If you have stumbled across this blog chances are you have an interest in some form of Audio production.  Hopefully there will be something here for everyone as i plan on covering a fairly wide variety of different audio related subjects over the next little while.  Before i go any further i should mention that i am in no way a professional "Audio Engineer."  I have only been at this craft for roughly two and a half years, one of which was spent at a school for audio engineering.  Attending School  laid down the foundation of my audio abilities and i have been building upon them and perfecting them ever since, so hopefully some of my knowledge will become beneficial to you too!

Anyways let me tell you a little about my musical background before we get any further!

I have been interested in music for most of my life, however, it wasn't until i started high-school that i really started delving into it deeply and immersing myself in it completely.  Guitar class in 9th grade was where my journey began.  I rapidly rose to the top of the class ability-wise due to my ridiculous and repetitive practice routines, and my desire to beat my two best friends at the time.  They were also in the program and were ALSO getting very skilled very fast.  Every time one of us learned a difficult song another one of us would learn an even HARDER song to one-up the last guy , and this cycle would go on and on until we were trying to shred Yngwie Malmsteen's Neo-Classical Guitar Opuses for our Guitar recitals.  It was this competitiveness that really made me practice long and hard, and got my mind and body prepared for a musical future.  I stayed in that class for 4 years and met alot of interesting new people every year, and a few that gave me a run for my money in the guitar skills department.  Man I loved that class!

I also branched off into Jazz Band in 11th grade, but if I'm going to talk about that i should probably do it in another post because i could talk about that for a LOOONG time...  Let me just say... if you want to get really good at music theory really fast... Join a Jazz band.  The amount of scales, and modal theory that was imprinted on my mind the first year was pretty hard to take at first, but I'm so extremely glad i was forced to learn all that stuff at the time because it taught me how to REALLY play music instead of chugging power chords and wanking pentatonic scales all day long.  To get to the point.  Learning to play the guitar is what really turned me on to music.  my childhood piano lessons did the exact opposite, although looking back i am extremely grateful to have taken them as well.

Anyways back to the topic of this blog...
i have alot to talk about on the subject of Audio engineering, or sound Design, or whatever you want to refer to it as...  The semesters at School along with some of my real-world experience should prove beneficial to you if you are an amateur recordist looking to expand your knowledge on the subject.  Again, i am not a professional i do the majority of my recording from home and I'm still in the very early stages of what i hope to be a full and fulfilling career in the field.  A few of the broad topics which i will undoubtedly cover are:

-The Physics of Sound
-Room Treatment
-Proper Monitoring
-Live Sound Mixing
-Sound for Movies/TV

Each one of those topics could warrant its OWN blog, but for the sake of simplicity i will take the major points out of each topic and present them to you here.  I hope to include alot of screenshots and audio examples of my sessions as well as useful links i come across, and maybe even some Youtube tutorials if i have the time. 

Well there you go you know a little bit about me and my plans for this blog.
Hopefully you will see a more informative posting from me very soon!

Until then


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